Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

SatBridge makes anywhere, anytime connectivity a reality by enabling companies and consumers to connect and communicate over satellite using the full capabilities of their smartphone and smart devices.

D3 Mobile


SatBridge Smart Terminals enable up to eight concurrent users, all able to use their full features of their mobile devices at unrivalled speeds and unmatched Wi-Fi range.


SatBridge smart terminals enable simple, seamless communications. Users can set up terminals in less than three minutes and use their own phone numbers to talk and text.

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D3 Mobile

Unparalleled design and functionality

SatBridge Smart COTP Terminal

The flagship SatBridge Smart COTP Terminal is the world’s highest performance L Band satellite hotspot. It enables the fastest data rates in the category and the automatic pointing antenna ensures set-up is easy, connection time is faster and devices receive full data throughput even when the terminal isn’t pointed directly at the target satellite.

Available Fall of 2019 on

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  • Antenna
  • Base Unit
  • Platform
SatBridge Thuraya 1

Fastest satellite speeds in the category (Up to 444 kbps)

Rugged & Weatherproof

L-Band minimizes signal degradation

Automatic pointing for easy setup and high reliability

Detachable antenna for Indoor/Outdoor deployments

SatBridge Thuraya 2

Long-Range Wi-Fi (Up to 300 Meters)

Connects 8 concurrent users on Satellite and 32 users on LAN.

Rechargeable LI-Ion batteries

Emergency SOS Button (International GEOS service)

Ports: USB, SIM, AC and Optional External Battery

SatBridge Thuraya 3

Enables all critical services:  Voice, Text, High-Speed Data, GPS and SOS

P2P Networking for low-cost voice and messaging over LAN

Follow-me Roaming allows use of existing phone numbers (Future capability)

Manage user access levels and monitor bandwidth usage

Multi-Layered security stacks to protect user data

The Future of
Satellite Connectivity

SatBridge’s revolutionary SatBridge Smart COTP Terminal is just the beginning. These communications systems have the above capabilities and more and they will soon change how people connect and communicate over satellite.

SatBridge Smart COTM Terminal

With no moving parts and multiple antennas, SatBridge engineered the SatBridge Smart COTM Terminal for the rigors of commercial fishing and other near-shore maritime businesses. It has all the communications-in-a-box capabilities as the flagship smart terminal, costs almost half as much as similar terminals and can be used on the move at sea, on land, when tracking moving satellites.

Image Terminal

Satbridge Field Area Network

Users can instantly deploy a network optimized for local voice, messaging and IoT communications. The SatBridge Field Area Network will use solar-powered pop-up wi-fi stations with battery back-up so users can securely communicate and connect as well as track, monitor and measure remote assets via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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The Company

Founded in 2012, SatBridge is a Carnegie Technologies company headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a star-studded team of over 280 employees. With technical superiority, unique mobile industry experience and relentless engineering and development teams, SatBridge is emerging as the future leader for satellite ground terminals.

The Right

SatBridge team members have unique mobile industry experience and a relentless drive to engineer the future of satellite communications and connectivity.

Ground Breaking

The industry is waiting for superior intelligent antennas, and we’ve built something that no one else in L-band can match. A true “Communications-in-a-Box” solution that enables effortless satellite connectivity.

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