Carnegie Satellite Solutions satellite internet terminal


Our smart terminals are the “tip of the spear,” the entry point to a burgeoning market for go-anywhere, do-anything bandwidth. With unmatched antenna performance, our smart terminals are powerful, beautifully designed and completely supported by our network operations center and suite of back-end, interconnection, billing and third-party distribution services.

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The COTP Terminal in action

Here's how customers get the most out of the Smart COTP Terminal

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Remote Work

Working in energy or land development often means workers do their job in remote, and sometimes harsh, environments. With a sturdy, rugged design and construction, the Smart COTP Terminal lets workers in remote locations stay connected and use the full function of their smart devices.

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Disaster Recovery

In the middle of a disaster, staying connected means saving lives. When disaster strikes, the Smart COTP Terminal is easy to set up and ensures that recovery workers have the full function of their smart devices when lives are on the line.

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Outdoor Adventure

The Smart COTP Terminal is adventure-ready. Thanks to its rugged design, easy setup and safety features (like an onboard SOS button), it's made for the journey.

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Prepared Home

Keep yourself and your family safe with Carnegie Satellite Solutions. If the worst happens, Carnegie Satellite Solutions lets users easily connect over satellite and retain full function of their smart devices.

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