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The Thuraya SatBridge makes anywhere, anytime, any-situation communications a reality by enabling users to remotely connect to networks with satellite hotspots that instantly enable the full capabilities of their smart devices, to talk, text, email and browse wherever they are in the world, under any conditions.

The terminal uses superior satellite antenna technology to ensure the best remote communications experience for multiple users simultaneously. The best-in-class Thuraya SatBridge app provide users with a seamless communications experience that allows them to use their devices as they do every day. And the terminal can be set up in three minutes or less, so that users can get online fast.

Never be out of reach again with the Thuraya SatBridge.

The Thuraya SatBridge will be available in 2020

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The Thuraya SatBridge in action

Here's how users get the most out of the Thuraya SatBridge

Superior performance

The Thuraya SatBridge is the world’s highest performing portable satellite hotspot for Communications-on-the-Pause (COTP) applications. Advanced beam-steering capabilities allow for superior reliability and ease of use. And with the Thuraya SatBridge, multiple users and devices can connect to one terminal for simultaneous satellite connectivity and local area peer-to-peer calling and texting with a Wi-Fi range of up to 300 meters. Unmatched antenna performance provides better coverage and higher data rates in any conditions.

Simple and intuitive

The Thuraya SatBridge provides users with the most intuitive and simple-to-use satellite hotspot and app in the market today. Our effi cient product and packaging design along with our quick start guide means users can set the terminal up and start communicating over satellite in three minutes or less. T he user friendly app provides easy management of users on Wi-Fi and you can also use the app to see how much satellite data everyone connected to the terminal is using at any given time.

Seamless communications

The Thuraya SatBridge app brings the mindset of the mobile user to satellite for the first time. A native in-app calling experience that includes the ability to import phone contacts, means users are immediately comfortable making and receiving calls and texts and the simple user interface make setting up and managing the terminal easy. The Thuraya SatBridge’s full SIP stack with advanced firewall capabilities provides:

  • Simultaneous satellite connectivity for multiple devices,
  • local area peer-to-peer calling and texting for multiple device, and
  • traffic shaping and satellite access control.

Safety first

The Thuraya SatBridge Terminal is the only Thuraya satellite terminal that includes support for emergency services with GEOS, the leading global provider of emergency monitoring and response solutions. At the touch of a button on the terminal or from within the app, users in distress can initiate emergency services wherever they are in the world.

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